BoneSwap AMM

General FAQ

Is BoneSwap Safe?
We’re built on open-source software: our site and all our Smart Contracts are publicly visible for maximum transparency
What is the difference between Staking and Farming?
1️⃣ Staking / Yield Farming are both ways to earn more BONE by supporting BoneSwap
2️⃣ The difference is that Farms require Liquid pairs, and in Staking pools, you invest single altcoins
When will you open more pools?
New Pools are added to BoneSwap frequently. There will always be an announcement before the launch of new pools
Join the Telegram group to learn about new Pools as early as possible
Did Farm APR calculation change?
APR calculations includes rewards, and better reflect the expected APR for Farm pairs on launch we did a major update on the methods in the market to provide the most accurate APR's
What are the treasury funds used for?
The treasury funds are used to cover the expenses involved in running BoneSwap. These expenses include salaries, audits, prizes, hosting, upkeep, bounties, etc.
How can I report a bug?